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Welcome to the ZodarZone.

It's a terrible thing!

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Transformers fan - remembers watching the first episode as it aired.
Comic book collector - with a collection that weighs more than my car.
Photographer - been paid for it, so "pro" applies.
Liberal - may be a dreamer, but not the only one.
Kinky - queer-friendly poly switch.


Check out my SO, the exceptionally lovely bec76.

My (under construction) website
The Flickr account - for my pretty pictures
The OK Cupid account - for more embarrassing info
The Amazon wish list - Gimme! Gimme!
Look for me going by ZodarZone on Xbox Live, and check out my True Achievements profile.
Role-playing LJs (both have fallen to the wayside, but I'd like to do something with them again):
astro_american Vance Astrovik is busy running from the Super Hero Registration Act.
crankyoldastro Vance Astro is 1,000 years of cranky.

ADDITIONAL: though most will not be so bad, this journal is definitely "R" rated, possibly moving to a rating of "NC-17" or "COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE" depending upon the mores of the viewer because I do not censor myself much. Really. Especially when tired or drunk. Or writing fiction. Or bored off my ass. Or pissed off. Or depressed. Yeah, that about covers everything.

Soundwave b/w
Ultra badass original Soundwave says, "ZodarZone superior, all other blogs inferior."
'Nuff said.

This journal maintained by Zodar Propaganda Productions.
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