Jeremy (zodarzone) wrote,

War Journal Entry number 1027 - Andrew W. K.

I'll be honest, I haven't paid much attention to Andrew W.K., like, ever. I'd seen some of his statuses liked or shared by friends and they usually resonated well. But Becca thought it might be good for me to attend his lecture Monday on the Power of Partying. I was indifferent to the idea, especially as I'd be going without her, and a significant portion of me preferred the idea of staying home over going out to the Grog Shop and being in a crowd. But I'm trying to be better about doing things that I initially don't want to. And as usual Becca was right. Turns out I've been trying to follow the same philosophy as him though I hadn't put into into words the same way.

Like Andrew, it's very easy for me to be negative. Like so damn easy - depression and anxiety and low self esteem and just the ease with which I can tear myself apart mean any positivity and hopefulness you see from me has been the result of a conscious effort. Thankfully I want to care about people and be empathetic so I have motivation to move past my negativity, but it's still often hardest to be understanding, forgiving, and supportive of myself.

The point is that what I've been trying to do for myself, and have been trying to be more active at doing for others, is to remind us that the point of life is to live it, and to inspire us to find what brings us joy. Some joys are silly, some are deep, some are ones we keep for ourselves, and others we share with whomever we can. But joy is valid, no matter how pointless or stupid it may seem, because the point of our joys is to give us the strength to deal with the pains and struggles of life. Because this isn't about hiding away from the world, it's about living in it, and helping others to be able to do the same.

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