Jeremy (zodarzone) wrote,

War Journal Entry number 1024 update - Magical Latex Unicorn art!

Recently I was at an event where some local artists were set up selling items and doing sketches. I knew Angela Oster was selling a storybook so I went to get that from her. She offered to do a sketch of whatever I wanted and I was a bit put on the spot. I try to plan such requests out ahead of time to match request with artist and I hadn't had anything in mind from her! I think I mumbled a little and finally said "someone in a unicorn outfit" which is horribly vague and she was rightly a little confused. So I showed her one of my pics and she declared she was going to draw it. She has a unique style so it doesn't necessarily look like me, but that's not really the point.

Behind the cut -

Or check it out on her Instagram -

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