Jeremy (zodarzone) wrote,

War Journal Entry number 1025 - National Coming Out Day

On National Coming Out Day I felt the need to post on FaceBook about identifying as genderqueer. It is friends-locked but I also posted to Instagram which you can see here -

As I said there, I think a contributing factor of my depression is that I feel significantly more feminine than I present, so I always feel there's a large disconnect between how people see me and my self image.

But that's the other thing I did on National Coming Out Day, I started an Instagram to show off and talk about, publicly, my genderqueer photos. My bio on it is also more out as I identify as a queer poly non-binary switch. Admittedly that's been in my bio on Tumblr for a few weeks but my Tumblr is fairly invisible thanks to having been flagged as NSFW due to a few latex pics, which means even all my safe content doesn't show up in searches.

So, yeah, I'm being more out. And I'm getting more attention. I've gotten a good amount (for me) of likes and interactions on Instagram, including having artists, fashion designers, and cosplayers who I greatly respect liking and commenting my stuff, and even following me. The positivity has brought me to tears. I've been told I'm inspirational and brave. I'm simply floored. But I honestly was scared, more so than I can even puts words around, yet I felt the undeniable need be more open. And right now I'm feeling more content with myself than I have ever felt at any prior in my life.

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