Jeremy (zodarzone) wrote,

War Journal Entry number 1024 - Magical Latex Unicorn

And here we are, the complete-ish unicorn outfit (may do some things slightly different, as well as have more make-up). Oh my gosh I love it so! I could prance around like this all day, believe you me.

I still needed way too much help with the wig. I freeze up whenever I try to practice putting on the cap and wig so I haven't gotten very far. I don't know, there's a sort of anxiety based mental block around it being all new. I know I have long hair but I never do ANYTHING with it. At all. I wash it and tie it back. Trying to wrangle it under control is not something I've done and most tutorials seem to start with the assumption that if you have long hair you know how to manage it at least marginally. I'm seriously tempted to cut it shorter (but still long enough for a ponytail) to make this easier. It's not like my hair is as thick and full bodied as it used to be.

I guess one other thing is to say this isn't a kinky sex thing. I know a lot of people may jump to that idea since latex is so often synonymous with BDSM. Plus there's that whole pony play thing (which is admittedly a fun, but separate, idea). No, this here is about feeling pretty and confident and femme and happy with myself. This is about expressing a joy and playfulness that is typically trapped under the morass of anxiety and depression.

Is that tail not the most fabulous thing ever?


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