Jeremy (zodarzone) wrote,

War Journal Entry number 1020 - Pride in the CLE

Yesterday's outfit - I didn't dress as wild as I’d originally hoped to for Pride due to the weather and timing, but tried to have some fun. Hard to see here is the holo bow and rainbow chain-scale flower hair clips which helped to hold the horn in place.

Pride this year was special. The regular organizers of Cleveland’s Pride parade canceled with less than two weeks notice. They claimed “social climate” concerns but it was really because they were douchebags who refused all offered help. The Cleveland LGBTQIA+ community collectively decided they didn’t need them and organized an event that was even better because it came from heart instead of corporatized bullshit.

Anyway, yeah, that was my look for Pride in the CLE. And nobody knew my t-shirt was a Transformers reference. Bah weep graaagnah wheep ni ni bong!


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