Jeremy (zodarzone) wrote,

War Journal Entry number 1018 - BvS: DoJ aka OMG; WTF?

So I finally saw Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. First viewing of it was the extended edition, no less!

But somehow I missed the scene where Lex exposed Batman to Scarecrow's fear gas, which is the only explanation I can come up with for his hallucinations and downright stupid behavior.

And I also missed Glorious Godfrey whispering in Lex's ear like a modern day Wormtongue, because that would be a good explanation for Lex going from intelligent manipulator to crazy pants before he even gets exposed to the Kryptonian data download (which also occurred offscreen but was at least implied).

Seriously, with how unskillfully they laboriously hammered on some of the points over and over again they could have cut those back and given some more character motivation. And a "Bat Max" dream sequence is not character motivation, BTW, when it has no origin within the story and contains elements that Batman doesn't know about yet (Para-Demons).

There was just simply not enough Wonder Woman to save us from the sludge of toxic masculinity that was being splattered across the screen.

It's not without some redeeming factors. It's certainly far better than Green Lantern (but then again few things aren't better than GL). The visuals were quite good. The casting was really good (for the most part). I could have done with more Junkie XL and less Hans Zimmer on the score (I am so exhausted by Zimmer now, for reals). And like I said, if I pretend Batman was exposed to fear gas and Lex was manipulated all along by agents of Darkseid then sure, I can accept the plot too.

But using Zod to create Doomsday is just a waste of storytelling potential and tragically shortsighted writing. Use the big brute Kryptonian soldier and save Zod for a later resurrection where he can actually be interesting, you know, like Zod should be. He was one of the best parts of Man of Steel and he's been unceremoniously dumped into being a plot device ex machina.

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