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Continuing on what I was talking about last night regarding the Andrew W.K. lecture and the philosophy I've been trying to follow, mainly that we all need to embrace what brings us joy because it is what gives us the strength to deal with the pains and struggles of life. And sometimes our joys can seem silly to others, I'm positive mine do, but don't let that stop you. Don't let the fear hold you back that people will think you are stupid and what you enjoy is pointless because the POINT is the enjoyment, there doesn't need to be more than that!

Life is about living it, and helping others do the same. Life isn't easy, no matter how positive or hopeful a spin we try to put on it there will be constant fights to get through it. Times like now, with the election results, the struggles can seem truly insurmountable, and that's why we cannot allow our joys to die. Do what it takes to remind yourself of why you enjoy life, and why it's worth living!

So here's my example, I'm sure your joy isn't likely not going to be as silly as this. But seriously, I cannot even describe how happy it makes me with myself.