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06 November 2012 @ 01:00 pm
Quite a bit going on lately but I haven't gotten around to much writing.

We went to a highly enjoyable lecture by Lee Harrington and Mo Williams on Wednesday night regarding taboos and boundaries. It was part of their book tour promoting Playing Well With Others, which is still only $1.99 on Amazon for the Kindle version. We bought a hard copy from them there.

Friday we went and saw Vanity Crash at a local bar, they are headed up by a highschool classmate of ours that does some brilliant musical theatre work. I liked him as Hedwig better than the original actor. We ran into a couple of other classmates there and I was told by one that I was more memorable and influential than I realize. OK...

The Barfleet party was a whole lot of fun and we both enjoyed it a great deal. Actually ended up taking yet another old highschool classmate that we recently ran into, at SMART of all places. I think he enjoyed it, we tried to check in reasonably often and he was usually in the middle of a conversation with various people. He volunteered to be the designated driver which I certainly appreciated.

He also downloaded copies of Freakylinks for me. It was a short lived television series in 2000 from the creators of The Blair Witch Project and David S Goyer, and I've been wanting to see it again for years and years and years. And if they ever release it for sale I will definitely pay for it. The quality of the recordings is rough, and some have the ends of the episodes cut off, but it's better than nothing. I'm also glad that I can actually use the media player on the Xbox to view them. Yay, I don't have to watch them on my computer monitor! I'll have to talk more about why I like the series despite its numerous problems, but a lot of it comes down to compassion, which is something you don't expect from a science-fiction/horror series created to compliment with the X-Files timeslot.  

There have been some creative upsets in comics, and I've dropped a number of things. I'm still looking to cut a couple more. But there have also been some really great things and that's what I'd prefer to talk about. Both the Hulk and the Dr. Strange Season One graphic novels were well worth their price. The Transformers comics have been way better than they have any right to be. Boom is putting out some great science fiction series like Hypernaturals and Higher Earth. The relaunches of Glory and Prophet have both been amazing, especially considering their source.

OK, OK, I have to work. I'll be back.