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The Marvel crossover Siege comes to an end, and so do a bunch of series.

Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis #1 of 5 – Warren Ellis + Kaare Andrews. Looks like because of Phil Jimenez's delays, and the desire to keep an Astonishing X-Men series on the stands, they've started up a new one. Unfortunately Ellis' writing is just as decompressed as it is on the other. And Kaare Andrews, who is capable of great art in various styles, is doing something different that doesn't work so well for me. So, uh, I'll have to see how it works out, it's only OK so far.

Avengers: The Initiative #35 – Christos Gage + Jorge Molina. Siege tie-in and last issue. An altogether satisfying finale that does an excellent job of tying everything together.

Black Widow #2 – Marjorie Liu + Daniel Acuna. The action, intrigue, and mysteries continue. But the whole “is she with the heroes, or playing her own game?” thing feels a little overwrought. She's been a part of the hero community for years, hell, she even lead the Avengers for a time, so it doesn't make sense that so many would be so quick to believe the rumors. It just feels like forced drama.

Dark Avengers #16 – Brian Michael Bendis + Mike Deodato. Siege tie-in and last issue. Another satisfyingly well done finale that acts as a perfect conclusion to the entire run.

Deadpool Team-Up #893 – Rob Williams + Matteo Scalera. It's Deadpool and Captain Britain in a cultural swap that's just many shades of hilarious wrongness. This was a highly enjoyable outing by a writer I'm not too familiar with.

Heroic Age: Prince of Power #1
of 4 – Greg Pak/Fred Van Lente + Reilly Brown. The saga of Amadeus Cho continues. He's determined to resurrect/rescue Hercules, and he's got the power of Olympia at his command. Plus, a plan.

Hulk #22 – Jeph Loeb + Ed McGuinness. World War Hulks. Members of the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and X-Men have been turned into an army of Hulks. Hijinks ensue. Oh, and the identities of both the Red Hulk and the Red She-Hulk are revealed. Finally.

Incredible Hulk #609 – Greg Pak + Paul Pelletier. World War Hulks. More Hulked-Put Hero action versus the Son of Hulk, while Banner and the other captured geniuses are trapped in a dream world that they are fighting to escape from.
With a Son of Hulk back-up by Scott Reed + Miguel Munera that follows up from the Realm of Kings: Son of Hulk series.

Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers Unleashed #3 of 4 – Chris Eliopoulos + Ig Guara. Fantasy creatures are being pushed from their realm into ours, and the Pet Avengers are sworn to helping them out. Another animal-filled masterpiece.

New Avengers: Finale one-shot
– Brian Michael Bendis + Bryan Hitch/Stuart Immonen with too many artists providing flashbacks to list them all here. Bendis hits it again with another nice closing, this one shuts the door on all of his Avengers work since Avengers: Disassembled first began in 2004. It's rare that you see something in ongoing comics that gets tied up so well.

New Mutants #13 – Zeb Wells + Ibriam Roberson/Lan Medina. Second Coming part 7. Bastion's forces make the next move against the X-Men, while the X-Club gets separated from the rest.

Official Index to the Marvel Universe: Avengers, Thor & Captain America #1 – Covering Avengers #1-39, Captain America Comics #1-5, Captain America #100-128, and Journey Into Mystery #83-109.

Sentry: Fallen Sun one-shot – Paul Jenkins + Tom Raney. Siege Epilogue. Well, by now, you've probably heard how Siege ended, or inferred it from the title of this comic. Written by his original creator, it's only a so-so send off with a bunch of flashbacks, and some revelations, that would have worked better while the character was still around. Of course, there's no body, and this is comics, so...

Siege #4 of 4 – Brian Michael Bendis + Olivier Coipel. Siege ends with a very unexpected sacrifice, as well as a death that was necessary. It was rewarding to finally see the big three Avengers united and kicking ass. And it was nice having a big, slam-bang event that moves through so quickly and ends with an old-fashioned, concrete conclusion.

Wolverine #900 – It's an anthology one-shot chock full of short stories. The first tale, by James Asmus from a plot by C.B.Cebulski/David Finch with David Finch's art looks good, but is pretty insubstantial. Dean Motter + Greg Scott give a nice noir style story. Todd Dezago + Jason Craig pull out some 90s style storytelling with a story occurring around X-Men #75. Marc Bernardin + Pow Rodrix do a Wolive drinking yarn. Matt Yocum + Jake Bilbao show the softer side of Wolvie. Then there's reprint from Amazing Spider-Man Extra #3 by Zeb Wells + Paolo Rivera where Wolvie revelas some vulnerability to Spidey. Wolvie battles the Hulk in a reprint of the back-up story in Wolverine #50 by Jeph Loeb + Ed McGuinness. Lastly is a dialog-free Savage Wolvie story from his days after escaping Weapon X, by Karl Bollers + Stephen Segovia.

Booster Gold #32 – Kieth Giffen/J.M. Dematteis + Chris Batista. Booster is sent to the future to retrieve an artifact, but ends up in the middle of some heavy duty Legion of Super-Heroes collateral damage. In one way, it's filler, but it also allows the creative team to have some fun before Generation Lost changes the game.

Justice League: Generation Lost #1 of 24 – Judd Winick/Keith Giffen + Aaron Lopresti. All the heroes are hunting for Max Lord, resurrected in Blackest Night #8. The issue takes place before some of Brightest Day #0 and leads into the climax there where Lord makes the world forget that he ever existed. Everyone, except a select few members of the Justice League International that were at ground zero of the mental attack.

Transformers: Ironhide #1 of 4(?) - Mike Costa + Casey Coller. A glimpse at Cybertron in the early days of the civil war flashes to a mystery beginning on Cybertron in the present. Ironhide wakes up, alone on Cybertron, despite having been killed just recently in the Transformers ongoing series. Well written with gorgeous artwork.

Underground trade paperback – Jeff Parker + Steve Lieber. Only Jeff Parker could make a story of Park Rangers running from armed thugs in the caves of Kentucky into a comic this tense and exciting. And I can't imagine any artist doing a better job than Steve Lieber does of visualizing the claustrophobia inducing spaces that they have to get through. Highly recommended as a perfect example of how new things can still be done in comics, and done very well.
Agents of Atlas #2 - Jeff Parker & Carlos Pagulayan/Gabriel Hardman. A past and a present tale are told side-by-side and it is all 100% brilliance. 

Age of the Sentry #6 of 6 - Paul Tobin and Nick Dragotta. This was a top notch series all the way through that not only hit some campy and quirky nostalgia buttons but also finally ironed out the truth about the Sentry - and it is even more disturbing than just him being the world's most powerful agoraphobe with multiple personality disorder. 

Cable #12 - Swierczynski & McKelvie/Olivetti. Feels like a placeholder for the upcoming Messiah War crossover with X-Force.

Daredevil #116 - Brubaker and David Aja. A touching character piece on Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin. I'm not making this shit up!

Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #1 of 5 - Jonathan Hickman & Sean Chen. In the aftermath of Secret Invasion, Reed's guilt compels him to take stupid risks while Osborn makes his move against the FF.

Deadpool #8 - Way & Medina. In part one of the crossover with Thunderbolts, our good buddy DP tries to get Osborn to pay him the money he's due... at gunpoint.

Hulk: Broken Worlds #1 of 2 - A bunch of short stories featuring the Hulk (and some counterparts) throughout different dimensions and times. Fred Van Lente and Clayton Henry do a House of M piece. Roy Thomas and Herb Trimpe take us back to Hulk's time in the Microverse. Paul Benjamin and Diego Latorre remind us that there was a Hulk 2099. Finally, Peter David and Rodney Buchemi craft an epilogue to the fantastic Hulk: Future Imperfect graphic novel.

Spider-Man & The Human Torch: Bahia de Los Muertos! one-shot - Tom Beland & Juan Doe. My words cannot do it justice. It is silly and touching at the same time, a great comic that is well worth buying... so why are you still here? Go get it! (Also available in a Spanish language edition.)

Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #3 of 6 - Damon Lindelof and Leinil Francis Yu. The previous issue of this miniseries came out exactly two years ago. This series was supposed to occur between the first and second volumes of The Ultimates. At this point, the third volume has been completed for about half a year. Way to go, Damon, you fucking putz. Once this is complete you'd better go back to TV and keep your untimely ass out comics.

War of Kings #1 of 6 - Dan Abnett/Andy Lanning and Paul Pelletier. It's another cosmic crossover spearheaded by DnA, and so far it's contained more characterization than the over-hyped Secret Invasion and Final Crisis miniseries combined, while not skimping on the action in the slightest. 

X-Men: First Class Finals #2 of 4 - Jeff Parker and Roger Cruz. Another great issue that also features another wonderful Colleen Coover back-up. The little Scotty Scout is adorable!

X-Men and Spider-Man #4 of 4 - Gage & Alberti. The X-Men and Spidey team up for the last time... in this series, anyway. Featuring more malicious machinations from the mind of Mister Sinister.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #23 - Drew Greenberg & Jeanty. An amusing issue, but in the final analysis it's not much more than that.

Batman: Cacophony #3 of 3 - Kevin Smith and Walt Flanagan. Highly recommended. Smith does a solid Batman and a great Joker while Flanagan does a great job with just about everything. I especially want to point out his skill with facial expressions, something many other artists would do well to take a hint from.

IDW Press
Transformers Movie 2: Defiance #2 of 4 - Mowry and Dan Khanna/Andrew Griffith. This series takes place on ancient Cybertron and details how the Cybertronians split into Autobots and Decepticons; it is therefore vastly superior than the craptacularly Bay-rific Alliance miniseries. 

Authority vol.5 #8 - Abnett/Lanning & Coleby. It's better than your mom.

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I'll come back and add reviews at a later date. Illness has put me far behind. That, and a new Xbox 360.

Age of the Sentry #4 of 6 - Jeff Parker + Nick Dragotta and Paul Tobin + Ramon Rosanas.

Avengers: The Initiative #19 - Dan Slott/Christos Gage + Harvey Tolibao. Secret Invasion (yeah, it's late)

Dark Reign: New Nation one-shot - Short story teasers for upcoming series in the new status quo. Secret Warriors by Brian Michael Bendis and Jonathan Hickman, still doesn't make me want to get it. Agents of Atlas by Jeff Parker and Carlo Pagulayan is a definite must-buy since I loved the first series. War Machine by Greg Pak and Leonardo Manco could be good, but I'm not going to get it. The Skrull Kill Krew piece by Adam Felber and Paulo Siqueira was brilliant and has me looking forward to more, but if the New Avengers: The Reunion story by Jim McCann and David Lopez is an indication of what that will be like then I am going to pass.

Deadpool #5 - Daniel Way + Carlo Barberi.

Ghost Rider #30 - Jason Aaron + Tan Eng Huat.

Invincible Iron Man #8 - Matt Fraction+ Salvador Larroca. Secret Invasion aftermath, but it didn't keep me as hooked as the first storyline. Even with Fraction at the helm, I've got to trim my list and this series, though good, isn't going to make it. 

Mighty Avengers #20 - Brian Michael Bendis + Lee Weeks/Jim Cheung/Carlo Pagulayan. Secret Invasion epilogue.

Punisher: War Zone #2 of 6 - Garth Ennis + Steve Dillon.

Thor God-Size Special - Matt Fraction + Dan Bereton/Doug Braithwaite/Mike Allred/Miguel Angel Sepulveda.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #59 - Joe Pokaski + Tyler Kirkham. Ultimatum.

Uncanny X-Men #505 - Matt Fraction + Terry Dodson.

What If? Newer Fantastic Four - Paul Tobin + Patrick Scherberger.

X-Factor #38 - Peter David + Nelson/larry Stroman.

X-Men: Kingbreaker #1 of 4 - Chris Yost + Dustin Weaver. War of Kings prelude.

X-Men: Legacy #219 - Mike Carey + Phil Briones. Juggernaut.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #20 - Jeph Loeb + Georges Janty/Eric Wright/Ethen Beavers/Adam Van Wyk. Buffy, the animated series.

Tangent: Superman's Reign #10 of 12 - Dan Jurgens/Ron Marz  + Carlos Magno.

Terra #4 of 4 - Jimmy Palmiotti/Justin Gray + Amanda Conner.

Dawn of the Dread Force #0 - Kurt Hathaway + Gerardo Sandoval/James Raiz. 99 cent preview issue.

Transformers: Alliance #1 of 4 - Chris Mowry + Alex Milne. A prequel to the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen film. 

X-Files #2 of 6(?) - Frank Spotnitz + Brian Denham.