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I got the new Tori Amos album. The music is brilliant, all acoustic orchestral instruments. Hell, the songs are so strongly based upon specific classical pieces that they list them in the credits for each song. As for the songs themselves... well, I'm going to have to give it all another listen or two before I come to any decisions. It's another concept album, and I don't hold that against it, but that often makes things less relatable. My main complaint really is the inclusion of her daughter on vocals on some tracks. Not as awful as it could be, but certainly not great. Again, I'm going to give a couple more listens to see if she grows on me.
16 April 2011 @ 01:55 pm
I just downloaded and played a pair of songs from Franz Ferdinand on Rock Band 3. Thanks go out to stormkpr  for the recommendation.
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Like I think most kids, I wanted to be a musician when I was younger. OK, rock star, whatever. I was hampered in this endeavor by a distinct lack of musical proficiency. But as I've gotten older I realize it would have driven me insane. I'm a creator. That's why I like to write, because I like to create. Performing the same thing over and over again, and trying to make it at least appear that I'm enjoying it, would not be my idea of a good time. I guess that's the difference between a creator and a performer. A performer gets jazzed from the act of performing. Good for them. And many performers are also brilliantly creative, but they have to have that enjoyment of performance or it won't work. It wouldn't work for me. There's too much for me to express. Not that writing is a do-it-and-done work, but even revision feels more creative and productive to me. Then again, maybe that work of performing a song again still feels like the act of creation to those that enjoy it. Whatever the case, I have a huge amount of respect for the performers that make every performance feel fresh and exciting.
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Hey, look, here's a letter about my musical tastes -

My favorite artists are Tori Amos and Nine Inch Nails. Both of them affect me like nothing else and act like Four Loko for my creativity. Nothing else gets my brain working like their music. I'm kind of sad of that Becca isn't a fan of either. With Tori, Becca's issue is with the technicalities of how she sings, and it bugs her enough that she can't listen. NIN is just too angry for her. But I think she can appreciate his more musical work.

I'm also a big fan of Weird Al, Primus, They Might Be Giants, and Voltaire. The geeky, eccentric, and eclectic. OK Go is making its way up there, and I try to keep Beck in my sights, though I'm missing quite a few of his albums. Presidents of the United State of America are also always enjoyed.

I don't really like much classic rock. I'd rather go for Oldies and have Buddy Holly or such instead of the likes of the Rolling Stones. There are exceptions here and there, but I'm not even a fan of that much heavy metal. I've got a Black Sabbath collection, a Judas Priest collection, and a couple of Metallica albums. That's about it. On the other hand, I've got quite a bit of nu-metal. Yes, you can feel embarrassed for me.

I'm a big fan of movie soundtracks, both song collections and scores. For the scores, though, it's the odder things like Blair Witch 2 and Resident Evil that I like, not John Williams and those big blockbuster movie style scores.

I like goth, industrial, techno, and lots of blends thereof. I like the rock/rap fusion found in Beastie Boys, Bloodhound Gang, and Linkin Park. Punk and New Wave shouldn't be ignored either. Clash, Devo, Talking Heads. Kate Bush is a big favorite. I've got every album and wish there were more.

And though they don't seem to fit in with the rest, I really like Duran Duran. I also have all their albums except for the one that just came out, which I'll get eventually. I like British pop stuff but American pop makes me sick. Though I like Pink. She's hard to classify.

I like most of the Middle Eastern and World music that Becca listens to, and Becca and I are planning to go see Beats Antique when they come to Cleveland in a few weeks.

Beats is good, but sounds like typical middle eastern music. Pentaphobe is brilliant, with a layered sound that is all its own. Imagine a dark carnival stuck in a music box. Bet that's hard to imagine. You can listen to it here without downloading - It does a shift in sound quality at the 30 second mark so give it a chance. It is intentionally like that, it's not a bad copy.
The Emilie Autumn concert was sort of a mixed bag. It got off to a bad start by being an hour late. At that point we would have preferred an opening act because at least there would be something to watch. Peabody's sucked as a venue even more for this show than it usually does. The stage is so low that when Emilie or her Bloody Crumpets (backup singers/performers) crouched down or did any floor work they couldn't be seen at all. And then the stupid bloody columns in the area also blocked a great deal of visibility. The actual spectacle was what this had going for it as most of the music was prerecorded, so not being able to see major portions hurt it immensely.

It was kind of a cabaret thing with tinges of burlesque, but very tame in that regard. They depended overly much on the novelty of women in corsets or women kissing, things which at this point I'm kind of jaded towards. I mean, sure, I like both things, but they need more than that. I actually found a little of the kissing mildly insulting because it was just for the novelty thrill factor, and a majority of the audience ate it up. The timing of some of the dialog/ dancing, and little acts were slightly off, but I'll forgive since I'm pretty sure this was the first show in the current tour, a tour that was delayed owing to EA needing jaw surgery. Jaw surgery, as I've seen in a friend, can knock you down much more than one would assume.

She did play her electric violin a couple of times, and her playing was damn impressive if you could actually see her doing it. Unfortunately she never changed the sound of it, and every single time it was in electric guitar mode. Therefore it came as no surprise when it was used for the guitar solo in the Bohemian Rhapsody finale. To be fair, the Bohemian Rhapsody cover was quite excellent, and I really wish the overly drunk dingbat behind us hadn't been trying to sing along. And I do mean "try" as it is difficult to call it signing. Seriously, why get so drunk that you aren't going to remember the concert you went to full of songs that, based upon your wild screaming and out of sync accompaniment, you "so totally love?" Just another instance of me not understanding people whatsoever.

Emilie Autumn's voice is awesome, and the intensity with which she sings and screams is a true sight to behold. Her Crumpets did a good job keeping up with her and were each given some moments to demonstrate their own little fun bits of crazy. The cannibalistic Contessa, the Dita Von Teese look-alike Veronica, and the especially special Captain Maggot. Really, that's what it's all about. Sexy-crazy. Fun to watch, but you don't really want it in your life full time.

I'm glad I went, despite the annoyances and disappointments. If she came back through at a better venue, like say the Beachland Ballroom, I'd see her again and try to drag some of my friends along.
05 February 2008 @ 12:49 pm

I bought far too much from Amazon. No more for a while. Bec and I have to take care of things (glasses/contacts) and she needs to get some things for her upcoming bellydancing performance.

I did get most all of them for less than their regular price.

Spock versus Q - Leonard Nimoy and John de Lancie trade verbal barbs as their most popular characters.

Halo (one) and Halo 2, volume 2 soundtracks.

Fxxk The Mainstream box set - hardcore techno/industrial/goth for my ears.

Yet another Transformers toy guide - has nice page-sized pictures of the oldest ones, I'm annoyed to see it at 8.53 today when I just bought it at 11.60 (which was already more than half off).

Threshold! - another very promising sci-fi series that was cut short.

Another sexy statue - how could I pass up a special transparent catsuit?

Hell, I forgot to talk about the stuff I got last time -
Tre Lux, from Tina Root, one of the front-women of Switchblade Symphony.
Switchblade Symphony live album.
Projekt: Gothic collection.
and finally, the film Toys, lovely and triptacular.


I hate when I buy a double CD and the crappy ass swinging double-sided thing is already snapped off, and the CD holding teeth are already broken off of one side. Thus is the case with the Halo 3 soundtrack I just bought. I guess I'll be stealing another one of Becca's classical CDs' cases. (Why do so many classical CDs come in double cases even though they only have one disc? What's up with that?)

Also picked up the soundtracks for Constantine, Hot Fuzz, and Stubbs The Zombie. I wanted Firefly and Serenity but they were out. Sorry, honey.

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08 December 2007 @ 10:57 pm
I've finished the first volume of Paradigm Shift and have already suggested to my local shop owner that he order some. Once I'm done with volume two I'll post a review and send it off to the creator as well. 

I've bought some other things as well including the Year Zero remix album, entitled Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D, by Nine Inch Nails. Well, saying it's by NIN is a bit of a misnomer since the remixes are done by other people including Saul Williams, Ladytron, and the Kronos Quartet. It even includes a second disc, a DVD rom, that has every single individual track for each of the original songs so that people can make their own remixes.

Picked up the Serenity Special Edition and Fantastic Four Extended edition for 8.99 each, well worth that price for all the extras. The FF Extended movie itself isn't worth it as the added scenes were deleted because they couldn't fit them in without harming the narrative flow, but the hour long featurettes on Jack Kirby was wonderful, as well as the FF comics through the years piece. Lots of great interviews. Haven't been all through Serenity, yet, sorry.

Also grabbed the 300 DVD for cheap, and much like Sin City it ends up being much funnier than I think Frank Miller intended. I got the two disc version, of course, but have yet to get into the extras. I did buy it's soundtrack already, though.

Picked up Pan's Labyrinth for Becca, but we haven't even opened it yet because we haven't been in the mood for something that dark. So guess what was next on the NetFlix? You're right if you said Brazil.

Also got her the new 2 disc release of the soundtrack to A Nightmare Before Christmas, and a couple of other CDs I can't mention here because I'm holding them back as presents. Maybe. I'm not very good at withholding gifts so I might give them to her early, after all, I want to hear them, too.

I found a new copy of X-Men Legends II for the Xbox on clearance (under $5.00!) so I picked it up. I've played it a bit but I'm still getting used to it since I haven't played any RPG style games before. I also bought DOA Extreme II even though I don't have a Xbox 360 yet because it was also on clearance and seems to be getting a little harder to find. Knowing the way things go for me, though, I'm sure I'll be seeing it everywhere for a fraction of what I paid before I can even play it.

I didn't get all this crap at the same time, mind you, it's been spread out over the last couple of weeks.

I'm just trying to communicate. Even if it isn't really about anything that matters.

30 January 2006 @ 04:12 pm

I just got the soundtrack to Doom in the mail today. It makes me happy. The movie comes out in one week and I want to buy it right away. I don't know, I'm weird that way.

Anyway, I still want to kill.







Maybe Doom is a bad influence? I'm just feeling cooped up again. Going to go to NASA tomorrow should be fun.

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