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eeep, big week. Ugh. At least quite a few things came to a close.

Avengers vs. Atlas #2 of 4 – Jeff Parker + Gabriel Hardman. It's got the Agents of Atlas written by Jeff Parker... it didn't even need an appearance by the original Avengers to make it cool.
The Jimmy Woo back-up by Scott Kurtz + Zach Howard is enjoyable proof that other people could actually do the Agents some Justice in the unthinkable case that Parker even leaves them.

Black Widow: Deadly Origin #4 of 4 – Paul Cornell + Tom Raney/John Paul Leon. An OK close to the series. I was really enjoying the series until the reveal of the big bad followed the stereotypical “all you know is wrong!” trope.

Black Widow & The Marvel Girls #4 of 4 – Paul Tobin + Takeshi Miyazawa. On the other hand, this issue was just as enjoyable as the rest. This time BW teams up with Storm... and the Mole Man.

Dark Avengers #14 – Brian Michael Bendis + Mike Deodato. The Dark Avengers continue to come apart at the seams in the days leading up to the Siege. Plus more crazy from Sentry.

Deadpool #19 – Daniel Way + Carlo Barberi. DP heads to New York to learn how to be a hero from Spider-Man. But instead Spidey thinks DP is responsible for some grisly murders. It's the kind of wacky misunderstanding that Marvel team-ups are made of. Plus, Hit-Monkey.

Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth #8 – Victor Gischler + Bong Dazo. DP, the head of Zombie DP, and their pals all end up in the Zombieverse. Hijinks ensue. And violence. Hijinks and violence.

Deathlok #4 of 7 – Charlie Huston + Lan Medina. Deathlok continues to do what he does best (killing, natch) while the minds inside it fight for control, and the corporations continue their selfish games.

Doomwar #1 of 6 – Jonathan Maberry + Scott Eaton. A surprisingly good start to the story of Dr. Doom's takeover of Wakanda. I'm not familiar with the writer, but I'm impressed so far. The characterization is spot on, and the intertwined relationships of the Marvel Universe are put to good use. T'Challa and the X-Men are strongly featured here, which is perfectly logical since the former Black Panther is married to the X-Men mainstay, Storm. Considering the close ties they all have, the Fantastic Four won't be far behind. But so is Deadpool?!?

Guardians of the Galaxy #23 – Dan Abnett/Andy Lanning + Wes Craig. Another heaping helping of cosmic awesomeness courtesy of Abnett & Lanning.

Hulk #20 – Jeph Loeb + Ed McGuinness. In the second bit of Black Panther/X-Men crossing this week, the X-Men battle the Red Hulk to keep T'Challa from being captured in this Fall of the Hulks tie-in, but they end up ensuring that he is.

Incredible Hercules #141 – Greg Pak/Fred Van Lente + Rodney Buchemi. Assault on New Olympus comes to a close, and so does this fantastic series. Amadeus Cho appears next in Hercules: Fall of an Avenger, and then Heroic Age: Prince of Power to keep the greatness coming.
Also includes a tied-in Agents of Atlas back-up by Jeff Parker + Gabriel Hardman.

Incredible Hulk #607 – Greg Pak + Paul Pelletier. This Fall of the Hulks tie-in sees Skaar, son the Hulk battling the Red She-Hulk while more Avengers than should be able to fit in a book end up stepping all over each other.
Also features a Red She-Hulk back-up by Harrison Wilcox + Ryan Stegman (presumably, anyway, since the credits were left off the book) that leads directly into her first appearance in the Code Red story line in Hulk.

Marvels: Eye of the Camera #6 of 6 – Kurt Busiek/Roger Stern + Jay Anacleto. With it being almost a year since the previous issue, most of what little drama and emotional resonance the series had has been lost. This series never really justified its existence beyond following up on the life of Phil Sheldon. Dealing more with Phil's life and than on how the the common people are effected by life in the Marvel Universe, this series because too focused upon itself and lost the point of the original. Save your money and time and instead go for The Marvels Project by Brubaker and Epting.

Punisher #14 – Rick Remender + Dan Brereton/Tony Moore. The origin of the big bad, Robert Hellsgaard, ties nicely into Marvel history in beautiful pages painted by Dan Bereton.

Uncanny X-Men #521 – Matt Fraction + Greg Land. The multiple stories keep trucking along at a break neck pace. It's X-Men as I like it.

Adventure Comics #7 – Tony Bedard + Travis Moore. Conner Kent, having previously died and been resurrected, has been turned into a Black Lantern. And hijinks ensue. An OK issue that offers little outside of the further adventures of Superboy. With the series getting firmly tied up into Superman continuity in the next few months, I'm dropping it now.

Green Lantern #51 – Geoff Johns + Doug Mahnke. Blackest Night - read the rainbow.

Green Lantern Corps #45 – Peter J Tomasi + Patrick Gleason. It's the fight to save Guy Gardner from his rage. Good luck with that!!

Power Girl #9 – Justin Gray/Jimmy Palmiotti + Amanda Conner. Fun and funny.

Transformers: Bumblebee #3 of 4 – Zander Cannon + Chee. The action stems from the characters. It's hard to get better than that.

Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers #2 of 5(?) – Nick Roche/James Roberts + Nick Roche. Things get more complex for the Wreckers, going from bad to worse in the grand tradition of all elite unit special mission stories.

Authority vol.4 #6 of 12: The Lost Year – Keith Giffen(using Grant Morrison's plot) + Joel Gomez (breakdowns by Brian Stelfreeze). Another issue, another Earth, and the team finds themselves upon a world that's Authority took over and splintered it.

½ off back-issue buys
Echo volume 2: Atomic Dreams – Terry Moore. I've been curious about this series, so I couldn't pass up a trade at half off. Engagingly written and gorgeously illustrated with a cast of layered characters involved in a complex (but clear) plot, I'm going to have to start getting the rest of it.

Hellboy: The Chained Coffin and Others trade paperback – Mike Mignola. Another collection of Hellboy shorts proves yet again that Hellboy is good.