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30 November 2012 @ 12:25 pm
War Journal Entry number 949 - status update.  
I'm still struggling to get around to writing here, I'm typically too sick of looking at a computer to use the one at home.

Tonight we're off to spend time with our friends hooloovoo and celticcowboy68. Tomorrow morning I'm taking my car in for new tires which are definitely needed before winter. Then Bec and I are having breakfast with my mom. After that Bec may be going on a road trip with new friend, Chris, to Toledo, and I'll run errands or goof off. Probably goof off. Tomorrow night we're going over to visit calebbullen at his new apartment to drink and watch horror movies. Then we were planning on visiting habari on Sunday but I don't think we've fully firmed that up yet. Lots of good socializing after a really crappy week at work.

Oh, then Monday there will be the next Pop! Club meeting. They have a website now -- www.popcomicclub.com. Tuesday night I'll probably be playing more of Boderlands with Dave. Wednesday is currently open, but Thursday will have a party of four of us playing Halo 4. Friday I'll be working a half day and may end up going to the Beachland Ballroom with Bec's sister to talk more with them on Bec and mine upcoming commitment ceremony. Then Friday night will be the next Vanity Crash show. I mentioned the last show last entry (showing how long it's been since I've done anything here), but this time I plan on getting dressed up. Finally, that Saturday we have dinner plans with two more friends, skyspirit and ofoghorn. That's as far ahead as I'm looking right now, but somewhere amongst all this I'd like to fit in visting with another friend.

I'm rather shocked at how much I've been socializing, now that I look at it.

Lunch is almost over...