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New Mexico Gov. Requires Women Seeking Childcare Assistance To Prove They Were ‘Forcibly Raped’

The GOP is getting so self-justified that they are being more obvious about things I've been saying for years. From the same side that is fighting for no abortions under any circumstance comes more and more stringent restrictions for people to get help supporting raising the child. It should be apparent by this point that they are just punishing people for having sex. They are imposing their own religious-based sense of morals on others and it is oppression.

Sure, after the article went out the wording of the proposal was changed, but the fact that it got out like that goes to show their overdeveloped sense of righteousness. The blatant hypocrisy of wanting to give corporations (i.e. folks with money) more freedom while fighting for more and more restrictions on the rights of individuals (i.e. folks without money) should be getting to the point that anyone can recognize it.
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