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11 April 2009 @ 09:44 pm
War Journal Entry number 639 - Planet Saturday Comics, volume 1  
Planet Saturday Comics volume 1
Reviewed by Jeremy Wiggins from the ZodarZone

Written and Illustrated by Monty S. Kane
Edited by Kelli Stevens Kane
Published by Planet Saturday LLC
Cover Price: $12.95
Rated all ages

This collection is comprised of the first eleven stories of the online comic seen at www.planetsaturday.com. It features introductions to most of them as well as behind-the-scenes materials.

The first story I read was "Fight or _ _ _ _ _ _." This brilliantly layered tale really spoke to the bullied child I was many years ago, and probably served to color my reading of the entire collection in a feeling of familiarity with Emory, the main character. From the young kid reveling in his overactive imagination to the adult now having to deal with a child that exists in her own little worlds of wonder, his every reaction and expression was one as intimately familiar as my own.

I also appreciate the fact that the stories don't always have Emory at the same age. This may throw off some readers because it's not how most comics are done. But I find it refreshing that one story may have him as an adult with a baby, the next is from when he was a kid, and then the next one is back to him as adult but now his daughter is approaching tweenhood. Also, I think it allows Kane to tell the story that is the most important one for him to tell at the time, and that keeps the emotional truth intact.

While most of the stories feature a stylization that would be right at home in the Sunday comics section, they all feature a skillful ink wash that makes most black and white comics look flat and lazy. His style hasn't been completely locked in at this point, with characters sometimes having a different level of detail at times, but it usually works for me.

Overall, it may be appropriate for all ages but I don't think kids would really appreciate the stories of adult Emory. I don't see kids connecting with him. Then again, maybe they'll connect with Dot, the daughter. I don't know. The whole thing, on the other hand, can appeal to the those that are old enough to find themselves facing real world responsibilities, while at the same time still young enough to remember what it was like to be a kid. People like me.

FYI - $1 from every copy of Planet Saturday Comics volume one sold at www.planetsaturday.com/store.html goes to help uninsured kids get health care. Details are located on the website.

Planet Saturday Comics volume one